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Dave Gorman

Dave Gorman's laugh-a-minute look at life's contradictions and quirks. Dave considers the appeal of dogging and pokes fun at Lord Sugar's tweets.

Series 2
Dave devilishly dissects modern life as he judges the worth of online petitions and reveals how he beat Alex Reid - not at cage fighting, obviously.
The award-winning comic opines on life's little oddities, including micro-chipped cats, over-familiarity in coffee shops, self-driving cars, QR codes and cybersquatting!
It's Dave on Dave! Modern life gets a ribbing as Mr Gorman considers celebrity endorsements and reveals the Queen's 'thoughts' on insoles.
Sharp stand-up from our Dave, who answers life's burning questions. What is Richard Branson capable of? And should David Dickinson be stopped?
Dave Gorman returns to offer his wry take on modern life, only on Dave. First up, he shreds some dirty magazines and helps a gerbil fulfil its destiny!
Impish original comedy from Dave Gorman, who muses on life's little foibles - including light bulbs, gravy boats, dot-to-dot books and Lego.
Series 1
Dave Gorman vents his spleen about modern life in these crafty shows recorded for Dave. Here he looks at the footprint we leave behind when surfing the web.
Ingenious observational stand-up from the laptop-loving comedian, who here casts a wry eye over the role of family in modern life.
Dave Gorman performs a series of witty shows, exclusive to Dave. The laptop-literate comic casts a wry eye over the messages we receive every day.
Series 3
Beard-stroking musings on modern life. With the help of Ant and Dec's fans, Dave ponders our fixation with customer feedback and market research.
A sideways look at the ups and downs of modern life. Dave suggests revamping the calendar and considers the upshot of buying Twitter followers.
Musings on modern life with the laptop-literate funny man - computer ads, board games, puzzle books and Dave's jigsaw habit come under his gaze.
Oddball observations on life with the laptop-literate Dave Gorman, who takes a sledgehammer to an irksome printer. And Christine Hamilton gets a gift.
The laptop-loving king of irreverence is tackling life's burning issues, from the shyness of elks to the evolution of the Honey Monster.
Modern life has a lot to answer for as Mr Gorman gives it a good-ish grilling. Dave laments the death of the queue and considers ATM etiquette.
Dave Gorman flips his lid and his laptop open to ponder modern life. Dave conducts a live experiment with over a thousand eggs!
Series 5
Amusing musings on 21st century life. Dave asks just how gullible people are as he looks at movie marketing and whether celebrities really can sell anything.
One very funny man and his laptop. Dave plays tricks with singing toys, interrogates kids' TV characters, and messes with Monopoly.
Series 2
One very funny man and his laptop. Dave puts 'Greatest Hits' albums and superlative abuse under the spotlight. Warning: contains nude yo-yoing.