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A secret surveillance operation uncovers a shocking case of modern slavery, and the National Food Crime Unit cracks down on an illegal trade in deadly diet pills.

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Series 5
Investigators are called in when a seven-year-old boy suffers a fatal electric shock, and they close in on a fraudster sending thousands of scam text messages.
Trading Standards step in when hundreds of pensioners are left stranded after booking a five-day holiday in Torquay. Officers also track down a loan shark targeting hard-up families.
The Civil Aviation Authority catches a fraudster who lied to get a job as a captain with one of the UK’s largest airlines. Elsewhere, a rogue roofer has pocketed thousands from unhappy clients.
DVSA inspectors investigate the cause of a fatal crash caused by an HGV lorry careering out of control. The vehicle is being operated by a company putting profits before people.
Series 4
The Maritime and Coastguard Agency investigates a collision involving a party boat on the River Thames, and trading standards officers put a stop to a dangerous medical scam.
Officials investigate a fatal road traffic collision and get justice for a vicar who was tricked into paying tens of thousands of pounds to a cowboy builder.
The Environment Agency responds to a major incident after several canisters containing a deadly chemical weapon, mustard gas, are dumped in a lake.
Health and safety officials investigate the death of a five-year-old girl following an incident at a playground. Trading Standards crack down on traders selling substandard face masks.
Maidstone Borough Council are on the trail of a BMW driver caught on camera dumping bags of rubbish in a lay-by that has become a fly-tipping hotspot.
In West Yorkshire, a task force discovers text messages and videos in which a gang of cruel conmen mock their victims, many of whom are elderly and vulnerable.
A special police unit investigates a cruel scam targeting the elderly, and investigators prosecute an estate agent for failing to tell buyers their new flat was a fire risk.
Officers take action against a cowboy builder who has conned several customers out of tens of thousands of pounds. And they’re on the trail of a serial fly-tipper.
Officers crack down on a company fitting cars with fake pollution filters, and Trading Standards confront a company who claimed their insulating paint would cut home energy bills.
Trading standards officers investigate a driving school that left hundreds of learner drivers out of pocket, and a specialist police unit closes in on Covid fraudsters.
Our defenders crack down on companies bombarding the elderly with marketing phone calls and pressuring them into taking out insurance policies and setting up direct debits.
Our defenders investigate the death of a worker at one of the UK’s largest recycling plants, and they catch a trader selling chocolate bars that put children’s health at risk.
Our defenders uncover a shocking case of modern slavery, with scores of young men and women being forced into unpaid labour.
Our defenders investigate an £800,000 home improvement scam in which fraudsters used a kitchen extension built by someone else as a fake show home and conned customers out of thousands.
Our defenders investigate the tragic death of a seven-year-old boy. And they close in on a fraudster sending thousands of scam text messages.