Defending The Guilty

October 2019

Series 1: Episode 6

4.0 52 x
It is the day the pupils get ‘on their feet', addressing a court for the first time. But Will is reeling from the break-up of his relationship - and wondering whether the law is really for him.

Series 1: Episode 5

3.0 16 x
Chambers puts the pupils through their paces in a professionally acted mock trial. Will learns the brutal art of cross-examination from Caroline.

Series 1: Episode 4

4.0 11 x
A series of odd incidents on the tube lands Caroline and Will with a hard-to-read client. Harmless crank or weirdo perv?

Series 1: Episode 3

3.0 16 x
Caroline and Will take on a last-minute case, only to find themselves in a battle with the clock, a skittish victim and an underfunded system to bring a criminal to justice.
September 2019

Series 1: Episode 2

4.0 13 x
As Will grapples with whether to tell his girlfriend about his recent indiscretion, his new-found notoriety throws up a juicy opportunity.

September 19, 2018

4.0 41 x
September 19, 2018 of the TV-show Defending The Guilty was broadcast by BBC2 on Wednesday 19 September 2018 at 22:00.