Dennis & Gnasher

February 2014

32. Grounded

3.0 34 x
Dennis is grounded on the first day of the summer holidays and he can't stomach it.

30. Rock and a Hard Place

3.0 26 x
Dennis is made to attend a neighbourhood watch meeting by his parents.

15. Eyes on the Prize

3.0 23 x
In order to earn a new skateboard, Dennis needs to win a school prize for best behaviour.
October 2013

29. First Aid Dennis

3.0 25 x
Dennis and Gnasher believe the world is their oyster and that kids should make the rules.

28. The In Crowd

3.0 36 x
Dennis and his friends want to go to the Ratbucket gig, but they don't have tickets.

27. Dig This

3.0 27 x
Dennis and his class go on a trip to an archaeological site.

26. Dog Tired

3.0 31 x
Dennis challenges Walter to a football game in the park.
September 2013

25. No Pies for Pie Face

3.0 26 x
Dennis and friends try to keep Pie Face away from the Beanotown Pie Festival.

24. Great Outdoors

3.5 21 x
Dennis, Gnasher and Dad must work together on a camping trip.

23. Attack of the Walterbot

3.0 25 x
Dennis and Walter both make robots for a school project, but there is an accident.
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