Deutschland 86

May 2019

Episode 10 Total Onslaught

4.5 84 x
Lenora is grounded and demoted. Alex organises an Aids awareness demonstration. Martin has acquired three places to escape to West Berlin: one for himself, one for his son Max and one for Lenora.

Episode 9 Chickenfeed

3.0 25 x
Martin is back in East Germany and wants to see his son for the first time. But during a debriefing he becomes suspicious about Lenora's absence and follows her to Rostock, where her plan is revealed.
April 2019

Episode 8 Vula

3.0 32 x
Martin aims to be traded back to East Germany as a double agent. Tina and her husband are locked in a Stasi prison. Alex breaks into a pharmaceutical company and discovers the secret clinical trials.

Episode 7 El Dorado Canyon

3.0 29 x
Tina and her family attempt to escape. Lenora returns to East Germany with Rose, determined to develop top secret communication technology for the ANC in a clandestine programme called Operation Vula.

Episode 6 Tjello

3.0 28 x
International intelligence agencies are convinced Martin was involved in the Libyan attack. After a failed attempt to cross the border into East Germany, he changes his appearance and lays low.

Episode 5 Green Book

4.0 14 x
Martin arrives back on European soil and is swept up in a romantic fantasy in Paris, where Brigitte tries to convince him to work as a double agent. Tina's application to leave East Germany is denied.
March 2019

Episode 4 Le Cafard

4.0 21 x
Thomas Posimski starts broadcasting secret interviews with dissidents over protest radio. Lenora must confront the reality of her choices. Schweppenstette is allowed to handle a deal in the West.

Episode 3 Dragon Rouge

4.0 15 x
Martin and Lenora are led into a proxy conflict at an Angolan oil refinery. In Berlin, Walter Schweppenstette tries to get back into favour with the authorities, and Alex Edel focuses on a new cause.

Episode 2 Ommegang

4.0 26 x
Martin enlists South African mercenary Gary Banks to bring Lenora's weapons shipment through the border war to a new buyer in Angola, but Banks wants his payment in diamonds, which Martin must steal

Episode 1 Tar Baby

2.5 116 x
An exiled Martin Rauch wallows in limbo until his Aunt Lenora shows up and conscripts him into her latest plan working with undercover ANC operative Rose Seithathi on an arms deal in Cape Town