Dirty Rotten Scammers

Series 1

Series 1, Episode 15

3.0 0 x
It’s a family affair as CJ and Chris meet with the team to learn how they can stop their grandad being scammed. We compile the top things to look out for.

Series 1, Episode 14

4.0 2 x
Michelle and Mavis meet Theresa, who has lost a six-figure sum to cryptocurrency scammers and is worried about all the information she has given away in the process.

Series 1, Episode 13

4.0 1 x
Michelle and Mavis hear how hackers accessed Nathan's email account and tweaked the details on an invoice so that the cash went straight to them.

Series 1, Episode 12

3.0 3 x
Paula was scammed out of £5,000 when a call from her bank's fraud team caught her off guard. Michelle and Mavis are on the case with a team of ethical hackers.

Series 1, Episode 11

3.0 2 x
Michelle and Mavis hear from retired executive Elaine, who was fleeced out of £30,000 after she used online banking. Joan was also scammed when someone used her card on Deliveroo.

Series 1, Episode 10

4.0 1 x
Erin lost a housing deposit worth thousands when scammers caught her at a bad time, and Jo had her Facebook page cloned, leaving her clients out of pocket.

Series 1, Episode 9

3.0 1 x
Opera singer Alexander got more than he bargained for when he thought he was paying for parcel delivery, and we learn the secrets of the ethical hackers working to stop scammers in their tracks.

Series 1, Episode 8

4.0 2 x
How an elaborate scam trapped a woman who was already wary of fraudsters, and we meet the Sussex Police officer installing tech to prevent scam calls.

Series 1, Episode 7

4.0 3 x
Phil lost a five-figure sum when scammers convinced him he was helping the NCA, and presenter Michelle Ackerley learns that her own password is simple enough to hack.

Series 1, Episode 6

3.0 2 x
Three of Christine’s friends lost more than £300 each when her social media account was hacked. Now she wants answers, and the ethical hacking team are on the case.