Dom Delivers

May 2022

Series 1 (Shortened Versions): 10. Royal Mail

3.0 0 x
Dom Littlewood meets heroes of the lockdown as he follows the delivery of a Thortful greetings card through the Royal Mail to a very special person.

Series 1 (Shortened Versions): 9. White Goods

4.0 2 x
Dom Littlewood joins workers at online electronics retailer AO to follow the delivery journey of white goods.

Series 1 (Shortened Versions): 8. Blood

4.0 3 x
Dom Littlewood follows the delivery journey of a pint of blood all the way from donor to patient.

Series 1 (Shortened Versions): 7. Flowers

3.0 4 x
Dom Littlewood follows the delivery journey of a bouquet of flowers all the way from a greenhouse to a very special customer.

Series 1 (Shortened Versions): 6. Cars

4.0 3 x
Dom Littlewood takes a hair-raising trip up a double-decker car transporter as he follows the delivery of an iconic British motor from the factory to the forecourt.

Series 1 (Shortened Versions): 5. Milk

3.0 6 x
Dom Littlewood comes up against production line jams, ungodly hours and the wrong end of a cow as he follows the delivery journey of milk.

Series 1 (Shortened Versions): 4. Money

4.0 5 x
It’s all about the money as Dom Littlewood gets special behind-the-scenes access to the Bank of England's printing press as he follows the delivery journey of banknotes.

Series 1 (Shortened Versions): 3. Supermarkets

3.0 5 x
Dom Littlewood gets to grips with groceries, finding there’s no substitute for good timing as he races against the clock to pick and deliver shopping to a hungry customer

Series 1 (Shortened Versions): 2. Takeaways

4.0 6 x
Dom Littlewood finds out just how much work goes into takeaway deliveries as he follows the journey of the nation’s favourite Indian dish, a chicken tikka masala.

Series 1 (Shortened Versions): 1. Amazon

4.0 9 x
Dom Littlewood explores the delivery processes behind the world's biggest retailer, Amazon, and follows the journey of one item from warehouse to front door.