Dominic Sandbrook: Let Us Entertain You


March 17, 2016

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The final programme looks at the way in which postwar culture has seen the triumph of an idea that first took hold during the Victorian period: the rise of the individual. Industrialisation may have led to a growth in collective identity, with the emergence of large, unified workforces and powerful unions, but the Victoria...

March 16, 2016

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Postwar culture has not merely been driven by the same qualities and impulses that shaped Victorian Britain - it has also demonstrated many of the same anxieties and preoccupations of that period. In particular, the two main concerns of the Victorian age were the state of the nation, and what might be termed our civilising...

March 15, 2016

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The industrial revolution seemed to presage a fundamental upheaval of British society and an overturning of the traditional social hierarchies. For the first time a burgeoning middle-class emerged, as innovation, technical knowledge and entrepreneurial skills - as opposed to an accident of birth - were rewarded with vast r...

March 14, 2016

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Like the industrial revolution before it, our postwar culture is a success story built on geographical opportunism and an indefatigable entrepreneurial spirit. Just as the industrial revolution transformed British society, creating new wealth and a thriving mill-owning middle class, so too have money, marketing flair and c...
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