Don't Just Stand There… I'm Having Your Baby

April 2013

5. Jordan and Jamie

3.0 47 x
Jordan is put through his paces by the midwives to help him prepare to catch his baby.

4. Brett and Jordan

3.0 41 x
Joker Brett needs to learn to hold his tongue so he can support his wife Amy.

3. Jamie and Billy

3.0 72 x
Billy needs to man up to stand a chance of supporting partner Grace in the delivery room.
March 2013

2. Ashley & Don

3.0 40 x
Squeamish Ashley and clumsy big kid Don are put through their paces by the midwives.

1. Callum & Adam

3.0 84 x
Squeamish Callum and stress-head Adam are put through their paces by the midwives.
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