Don't Mess with Me

November 2014

5. Fast Food

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We are out on patrol with an enforcement officer catching people who drop fast-food packaging, one of the biggest sources of litter in Britain. Restaurants are now reporting their own customers to the authorities when they see them drop litter, noting down car number plates and handing the details to enforcement officers. ...

4. Pride

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Dog mess is the litter we find most offensive. In Portsmouth, as part of a nationwide experiment, they have been putting up big glow-in-the-dark posters of staring eyes. It's hoped that making dog owners feel watched will encourage them to pick up their dog mess. The exclusive national results of the experiment, run by Kee...

3. Fly-Tip

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Fly-tippers often work in the dead of night dumping rubbish on other people's land, where it is expensive to move and can even be life-threatening.

2. Leicester Square

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Every summer weekend, London's Leicester Square becomes the front line in the war against litter. Tonight street sweeper Donovan reveals how he suffers verbal abuse and even violence from drunk clubbers as he attempts to clear their ankle deep litter. And the team has to call in an expert, John the Flusher, to spray disin...

1. Brighton

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Every year in Britain we drop 30 million tonnes of litter. Then we spend one billion pounds a year cleaning it up. It's crazy. And Margaret Mountford is sick of wading through other people's rubbish. So she sets out to discover what it would take to keep our country clean. Along the way she uncovers some surprising and sho...
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