Drain The Ocean

August 2019

9. Lost Worlds Of The Mediterranean

4.0 29 x
Pull the plug on the glittering Mediterranean Sea.
July 2019

6. Gulf Of Mexico

3.0 13 x
Dark secrets resurface as the series dives beneath the waves.
June 2019

8. World's Biggest Battleship

3.0 42 x
The largest battleship is found off the coast of China.

1. Nazi Secrets

4.0 18 x
Marine archaeologists investigate Nazi secrets.
May 2019

6. Sunken Treasures

4.0 36 x
Archaeologists and treasure hunters scour the ocean floor.
April 2019

10. Battle Of Jutland

3.3 140 x
Maritime archaeologists go in search of Jutland's secrets.

1. Atlantis: Draining the Lost City

3.0 125 x
Documentary that uses cutting-edge graphics to reveal the sea floor.
March 2019

2. Episode 2

3.5 56 x
CGI illustrates the many volcanes that circle the Pacific.

4. Malaysian Airlines Flight MH370

4.0 28 x
The longest, most costly search in aviation history.
February 2019

1. Egypt's Lost Wonders

3.5 77 x
Experts pull the plug on the Nile to explore Ancient Egypt.
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