Driving Academy

March 2014

Episode 10

3.0 28 x
The teams face the ultimate driving test on their final day at Driving Academy.

Episode 9

3.0 26 x
The teams attempt to make a turn in the road in a 15-ton truck!

Episode 8

3.0 20 x
The teams learn how dangerous it is to drive in hazardous weather conditions such as ice.

Episode 7

3.0 49 x
The teams learn about possible hazards on the road. Will they spot the escaped gorilla?

Episode 6

3.0 16 x
On day six the teams learn all about passenger comfort and smooth, safe driving.

Episode 5

3.0 51 x
On day five the teams learn all about the dangers of driving at speed.

Episode 4

3.0 45 x
The teams are distracted by three incredibly noisy and annoying passengers.

Episode 3

3.0 29 x
The teams' braking skills are tested as they try to stop on a target without crashing.

Episode 2

3.0 28 x
The teams use their cars to knock a giant football into a goal.

Episode 1

3.0 21 x
Joe Swash challenges the teams to drive around a really tricky obstacle course.
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