Eastenders 2008

October 2020


4.0 11 x
Peggy takes drastic action when conflict in the Mitchell household threatens to shake the fragile peace. Will Dot discover the real Clare?


3.0 10 x
Everyone is shocked when Phil takes his feelings out on Ben, Suzy has something to hide, and Ian makes a discovery about Peter.


3.0 9 x
Archie becomes the hero of the day, but is everyone happy? Meanwhile, Sean learns about Tracey's curse of the Vic. Dot receives bad news about Clare.


3.0 21 x
Chaos returns to Pat's house as Bianca and family come back from their holiday, and the Masoods have a creative way of dealing with Ian's bribe.


3.0 18 x
Ronnie makes it to the church, but will she succeed in halting Roxy and Sean's wedding? Shirley takes on Phil following Ben's appearance in the talent show.


4.0 8 x
Roxy and Sean's bombshell throws the Slater household into chaos. Shirley resolves to teach Phil a lesson.


4.0 16 x
Roxy's big day arrives, but there is no sign of Sean. Shirley risks Phil's wrath in order to help Ben achieve his dreams.


3.0 9 x
Dawn's world unravels after Jake's disappearance. Harmony in the Slater household proves short-lived when Jean and Roxy discover Sean's secret.


3.0 9 x
Max attempts to bond with his children, Ronnie's manipulations are exposed and Bradley makes a shocking discovery about Clare.


3.0 11 x
Tanya calls a peace meeting but Max has other plans. Clare tries to turn over a new leaf and Zainab agrees to help out her family in a time of need.