Eastenders 2008

July 2020


4.0 0 x
Christian tries to get to the bottom of Steven's angst, Roxy and Dawn slug it out in the 'barmaid of the year competition', and Pat finds out the truth about Ricky's situation.


4.0 0 x
Steven feels under pressure to perform on his first night with Stacey, Ronnie and Roxy's rivalry escalates, and Sean has a nasty surprise for Gus.


3.0 0 x
Stacey changes her mind about Steven, but is her heart in it? Bianca is determined to win her kids round, and Ronnie feels pushed out by the arrival of Penny.


4.0 4 x
Bianca has big plans for her kids' return but will all go to plan? Steven pushes for a closer relationship with Stacey, with embarrassing consequences. Jack and Ronnie grow closer.
June 2020


4.0 1 x
An angry Sean takes revenge on Gus. Peggy and Ben keep a secret from Phil. An anxious Bianca prepares for a visit from Social Services.


3.0 1 x
Ricky is forced to play along with Bianca's tall tales, but can they pull it off? Sean and Roxy arrange another risky rendezvous and Tanya gives Ronnie some advice about Jack.


4.0 4 x
Vinnie's unexpected return leaves Shirley with a dilemma. Bianca tells Ricky that she will get the kids back without him and Jack discovers who has been dealing in the club.


3.0 3 x
A desperate Bianca returns to Albert Square, leaving Pat with a dilemma. Phil takes Shirley to the hospital for her biopsy results, and Gus meets an admirer.


4.0 3 x
Bianca is pushed to extremes trying to protect her kids. And as Frank's family gather to hear his final wishes, Pat makes a life changing decision.


4.0 3 x
Out on the street, Bianca struggles to find a home for her kids. Meanwhile, Pat is suspicious about the motives of some of her funeral guests.
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