Eastenders: Iconic Episodes


Max & Stacey

3.0 9 x
On Christmas Day 2007, a shocking revelation blows the Branning family apart.

Pat & Peggy

3.0 7 x
Pat and Peggy clash spectacularly following an accusation that Frank and Pat are having an affair behind their partners' backs. Frank searches for a missing Roy.

Amira & Syed's Wedding (part 2)...

3.0 12 x
On the day of Syed's wedding to Amira, Zainab is left reeling after Christian reveals the truth about her son's sexuality and their relationship.


4.0 11 x
Phil and Kathy's engagement party celebrations in the Queen Vic are cut short when Grant makes Sharon and Phil's affair public. First broadcast on 25th October 1994.
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