Easy Money


III: Life Deluxe

Expired 3.0 8 x
JW now lives in exile and is more determined than ever to find out what happened to his missing sister Camilla. Every trace leads him to the world of organised crime in Stockholm. Jorge is about to do his last score - the largest robbery in Swedish history. But during the complicated preparations he meets a woman from his past, Nadja. Martin Hagerstrom is chosen to go undercover into the Serbian mafia, in order to get its notorious boss Radovan Krajnic behind bars. When an assassination attempt...
Episodes 2015

December 14, 2015

Expired 3.0 7 x
JW, the promising business student who became an organised coke smuggler in Easy Money, is serving hard time in prison and struggling to get back on an honest path. There are glimmers of hope in his life - some venture capitalists are interested in a new piece of trading software he's developed, and while behind bars he's made peace with an old enemy. This all proves to be an illusion. On leaving prison, and back in contact with his former gang, JW learns that once you've walked in the shoes of...

December 6, 2015

Expired 3.0 7 x
When business school student JW becomes a drug runner in order to maintain his double life, his fate becomes tied to two other men - Jorge, a fugitive on the run from both the Serbian mafia and the police, and mafia enforcer Mrado, who is on the hunt for Jorge.
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