Eat Well for Less?

September 2020

Series 7: 2. The Peters Family

4.0 15 x
Gregg and Chris help two single mums in Manchester work together to feed both families after school.

Series 7: 1. The Macbeth Family

3.5 22 x
Gregg and Chris are in Windsor helping time-poor mum Holly and sons Spencer and Fletcher, who all rely on microwave ready meals. Can they convince Holly to start cooking from scratch?
January 2020

Series 6: Episode 6

4.0 155 x
Whilst spending two years in hospital with their young daughter, the Drews lived off takeaways and freezer food. Can Gregg and Chris help them break these unhealthy habits?
October 2019

Series 6: Episode 5

4.0 117 x
Gregg and Chris help a household of students, whose expensive tastes and love of brands mean that they are blowing their student loans on pricey pesto and branded pasta.

Series 6: Episode 4

4.0 81 x
This week Gregg and Chris are in Nottinghamshire with the sugar-loving Walton family, whose food shop leaves the boys totally speechless.
June 2019

Series 6: Episode 3

4.5 99 x
This week Gregg and Chris are with the Carters in Belfast. They need help with four permanently hungry children who are eating their dad out of house and home.

Series 6: Episode 2

4.5 86 x
Gregg and Chris tackle the biggest spenders ever seen on Eat Well For Less? The Gambling family believe that the more they spend, the better things will taste.
May 2019

Series 5: Episode 8

3.0 50 x
With one child who is a fussy eater and another who is dairy intolerant, mum Kate has to cook four separate meals every night. Can Gregg and Chris bring joy back to Kate’s kitchen?

Series 6: Episode 1

3.0 136 x
Gregg Wallace and Chris Bavin meet a family who haven't eaten a meal together for three years.
February 2019


4.0 95 x
07/02/2019 of the TV-show Eat Well for Less? was broadcast by BBC1 on Thursday 7 February 2019 at 20:00.
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