Ed and Oucho's Excellent Inventions

October 2012

12. Hydro-Bike

3.0 46 x
Ed and Oucho are in Newcastle, trying to build Aidan's 'Hydro-Bike'.

11. Flosserama

3.0 50 x
Ed and Oucho travel to Oxfordshire to build a Flosserama - a candyfloss maker.

10. Horologelator

3.0 81 x
Ed and Oucho attempt to build the most difficult invention ever - a time machine.

9. Apple Scrumper

3.0 14 x
Ed and Oucho attempt to make Wilf's Apple Scrumper invention.

8. Do It Dancefloor

3.0 32 x
Ed and Oucho are trying to build Sarah's Do It Dancefloor.
September 2012

7. Spy Buggy

3.0 28 x
Josh's 'spy buggy' can fire secret party messages right under teachers' noses.

6. Spar-Master

3.0 23 x
In Yorkshire, Ed and Oucho try to build Billy's Spar-Master, a karate practice machine.

5. Rainbow a Go Go

3.0 55 x
Ed and Oucho decide to build Mollie's 'Rainbow a Go Go', a rainbow-making disco machine.

4. Popper Chopper

3.0 65 x
Ed and Oucho try to build Harvey's Popper Chopper, a car that makes butterscotch popcorn.

3. Choccy Oke

3.0 28 x
Ed and Oucho need to invent a stall for Chloe before zombie-like monsters eat Oucho.
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