Find My Past

June 2017


3.0 8 x
The humbling stories of three heroic members of the 'Coup de Main' mission - a glider pilot, a soldier and a medic - are relayed to their relatives. Hear their amazing tales.


3.0 4 x
Join descendants of John Fryer, Fletcher Christian and William Bligh - three key players in the 1789 mutiny on the Bounty - as they learn about their seafaring relatives.


3.0 7 x
Join descendants of three key players in the iconic 'Dambusters' raid of May 1943 as they learn about the bravery of 617 Squadron and their impact on World War II.

Abdication Crisis

3.0 7 x
Edward VIII's romance with American divorcee Wallis Simpson rocked the monarchy in 1936. Relatives of key players in the affair hear more about their ancestors.
May 2017

Gunpowder Plot

3.0 7 x
Learn more about the Gunpowder Plot as relatives of conspirators Everard Digby and Robert Catesby and spymaster Robert Cecil hear about their ancestors' involvement.

The Great Fire of London

3.0 6 x
Relatives of diarist Samuel Pepys, schoolboy eyewitness William Taswell and the future James ll discover more about their links to the Great Fire of London.

Christmas Truce

3.0 7 x
A moving episode of the genealogy series as we join descendants of three WWI soldiers to learn about their relatives' roles in the Christmas truce of December 1914.

The Great Escape

3.0 7 x
Three relatives of POWs who were detained by the Germans at Stalag Luft III hear of their ancestors' integral roles in an audacious Allied escape attempt in 1943.

Battle of Trafalgar

3.0 6 x
Three ordinary people discover how they are linked to Admiral Nelson's victory over Napoleon at Trafalgar. Chris Hollins presents the enlightening ancestry show.

Scott of the Antarctic

3.0 4 x
Distant relatives of three members of the ill-fated Terra Nova Expedition - including leader Robert Falcon Scott - learn more about their intrepid ancestors.
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