First Time on the Front Line

September 2014

Episode 15

Expired 3.0 20 x
A man flung into the air after being hit by a car relies on rookie paramedics Sam and Ben to treat his badly injured back. Police special Laurence chases down dangerous drivers and issues his first ticket. And lifeboat recruit Laura's training exercise leaves her seasick - but when a boat starts to sink she is quick to mak...

Episode 14

Expired 3.0 18 x
Hairdresser-turned-firefighter Helen faces her first blaze - a warehouse has gone up in flames, and she is in charge of the hose. Elsewhere, no amount of training can prepare rookie paramedic Maya for the most distressing call in her new career. And when a man is suspected of beating his girlfriend, police special Sarah st...

Episode 13

Expired 3.0 15 x
Police special Amber sends in the dogs to help bust a suspected drug dealer. Lifeboat recruit Gary joins a life-or-death mission as a fishing boat sinks in freezing water. And when a woman's waters break, rookie paramedic Sam races to help - but can he get her to hospital before her baby is born?
August 2014

Episode 12

Expired 3.0 17 x
Fire service rookie Lianne responds to a 999 emergency - a reported blaze in a block of flats. Police special Beccy busts a drug user who is suspected of having a cannabis farm in his shed. And paramedic Julie gets stuck ten floors up - an immobile patient with a suspected broken back leaves the rookie with a tough decisio...

Episode 11

Expired 3.0 48 x
Fire recruit Brendan attends his first road traffic collision, and cuts free a seriously injured driver from a mangled car. Unpaid police special Sarah puts her own safety on the line when her colleagues come under attack. And paramedic Ben rushes to treat an elderly lady whose heart hits a life-threatening 160 beats per m...

Episode 10

Expired 3.0 47 x
When a house party becomes violent, Laurence has to restrain an aggressive suspect.
July 2014

Episode 9

3.0 17 x
When new fire recruit Brendan smells smoke, he smashes down his first front door.

Episode 8

3.0 16 x
New paramedic Mark treats a patient with multiple sclerosis whose life is on the line.

Episode 7

3.0 49 x
Rookie paramedic Ben races to treat a man seriously wounded by a chainsaw.

Episode 6

3.0 13 x
Police special Sarah hunts for stolen property and makes an alarming discovery.
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