November 2019

Series 1: 10. Resolutions

3.0 36 x
New Year resolutions are great but how long can they all last before they fall apart?

Series 1: 9. Saving Craig

3.0 10 x
The Flatmates perform an intervention to help Craig but need help from the Landlady.

Series 1: 7. Cosplay

4.0 9 x
Deadpool, Jon Snow, bat-girl and Captain Marvel walk into a Sportsbowl…

Series 1: 8. Keeping it Real

3.0 6 x
Craig’s DJ career is failing and he’s not himself. Only Lauren seems to sense something is up but she’s doing a charity run with Yas, and has to decide which is more important.

Series 1: 5. Unstoppable

3.0 11 x
Lauren's big break at work coincides with her time of the month, but she is unstoppable.

Series 1: 6. The Storm

3.0 10 x
A snow storm traps the Flatmates indoors and brings us ironing board pants guy!

Series 1: 3. Swiping Up

4.0 6 x
Yas persuades Lauren to try online dating. She resists, then cracks for a series of disastrous dates. She agrees to one more blind date but isn't ready for what Yas has in mind.

Series 1: 4. Secrets and Lies

4.0 8 x
Craig insists the Flatmates host a flat-warming party, but the landlady finds out.

Series 1: 1. Spilt Milk

4.0 64 x
Wannabe DJ Craig ends up with his stepsister and her ex as his new flatmates.

Series 1: 2. Mr Nice Guy

4.0 25 x
The new Flatmates are finding it tricky to balance work, rest and play with each other.