Fleabag Monkeyface

July 2013

Episode 46: There's a Fly in My Celebrity Soup!

3.0 125 x
The new show is the hottest thing on television. Z-list celebs dress up as their favourite vegetable and are filmed in a vast bowl of mouldy soup.

Episode 45: The Karate Slug

3.0 40 x
Fleabag is in the garden practising at his self defence system Tae Kwon Gross. Fleabag is a black belt in the use of Banana Breath Chops and One Inch Sneezes.
June 2013

Episode 34: The Lion, the Witch and the Toilet

3.0 47 x
The museum is home to a strange and mysterious ornate old toilet which is said to be a portal to a strange and mysterious gross land - Banarnia.

Episode 33: War of the Noses

4.0 50 x
The school is planning to stage a re-enactment of the grossest battle in history - the War of the Noses.

Episode 32: Planet of the Fleas

3.0 32 x
Local entrepreneur and billionaire Donaldus Trumpet is offering the first-ever passenger flights into space.

Episode 31: Captain Lugworm's Deadliest Catch

3.0 40 x
The one-time ghost of the Haunted Fish Canning Factory, Captain Lugworm, is rehabilitated and back in business.

Episode 30: Goldenfry

3.0 27 x
Bruce Tungsten, the boys' favourite actor and star of the Max Gadgets spy movies, is unveiling a star on the city's Walk of Fame.

Episode 29: Skater Ape

3.0 34 x
A new city skateboard park is opening and Gross Out TV is there to cover it. Before long Fleabag is wowing the crowds with his amazing Gross Out-fuelled moves.
May 2013

Episode 24: Pet Shop of Doom

3.0 27 x
Dr Spamflex has taken over The Pet Shop of Doom and has concocted a hideous plan to combine and mutate Fleabag into a gross out mingle pet - the Monkeyphant.

Episode 23: Dinner Crime

3.0 17 x
Fleabag is invited to work in a posh restaurant. But then Dr Spamflex hatches a plan to add an evil ingredient that will make the dishes attack the diners live on air!