Flight Hs13

June 2018

Episode 10 - The End

Expired 3.5 38 x
Liv and Leyla make plans to save Nawid, but when Liv travels to Iran she is caught by Majid and imprisoned with Simon. Kevin and the Iranian police are hot on their heels. Can they reach them in time?

Episode 9 - Betrayal

Expired 4.0 24 x
Majid's accomplice convinces him that Leyla has been killed. Regaining his strength, Kevin contacts Ludmila to ask for help and she gets in touch with Liv. The deadline for handing over Omid passes.

Episode 8 - The Price of Jealousy

Expired 4.5 26 x
Alex begins her own investigation into Simon's disappearance. Now in Majid's hands, Simon is forced to reveal Leyla's whereabouts, but neither man realises Leyla's been freed from the cottage by Haje.

Episode 7 - The Hand

Expired 4.0 23 x
Omid is picked up by the police and reveals that he knows Simon. The investigation into the crash concludes it was the result of a technical failure. Majid's rival aims to exchange Simon for weapons.
May 2018

Episode 6 - Angry

Expired 4.0 29 x
Majid loses patience with Kevin. Now wanted by the police in connection with a terrorist attack, Simon is being held captive by Majid's rival. Liv and Haje dig further into Kevin's involvement.

Episode 5 - Resistance

Expired 3.0 49 x
Kevin is tortured by Majid, but Nadia tries to help him. Liv and Haje grow closer, while Alex is attacked in her own home. Simon has been smuggled into Iran and is about to be handed over to Majid.

Episode 4 - The Second Child

Expired 4.0 46 x
The police investigation into the plane crash becomes a terrorism case. Liv discovers a revealing DNA test. With Simon abducted, Kevin travels back to Iran to free Leyla's second son from Majid.

Episode 3 - Something I Didn't Tell You

Expired 3.0 30 x
Liv is furious when she learns that Simon had an affair while she was pregnant with Mart. But her anger doesn't slow her investigations with Erik and they discover a lead that takes them to Germany.

Episode 2 - Where Is Simon?

Expired 3.0 56 x
Liv persuades her brother-in-law Erik, a police detective, to help her find Simon. Simon takes Leyla and Omid to an abandoned holiday cottage to protect them from her violently jealous husband, Majid.
April 2018

Episode 1 - Crash

Expired 4.0 69 x
Happily married Simon and Liv seem to have the perfect life. After a family party, Simon leaves for a conference in Barcelona and Liv drops him at the airport. But hours later, she gets terrible news.