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In the last episode of the comedy-drama, the show's characters have the freedom to decide their own fates. If something was good once, can it be good again?

Amy's girlfriend Hylda confronts Deborah about Amy's increasingly strange behaviour, and Maurice turns the family home into a party house, against Donald's strenuous disapproval
The family are back together at the house for the first time in a while, and slip back into old roles. Shun visits the forest where he met the ghosts of his family.
Consumed by questions of her grandfather's fate and the intoxicating world of Baumgaertner, Amy exists increasingly in a world of her own
Episodes 2018
Second series of the comedy-drama starring Olivia Colman and Julian Barratt. Deborah and Maurice take a caravan holiday, Donald is a plumber, and Amy meets a mysterious woman.
Episodes 2016
The family are severed as Deborah considers her future, while Barry gives Maurice a shock
The Flowers family are caught in a storm as Maurice makes a final bid to tell the truth
Maurice has been dropped by the Carols, while Deborah is regretting her night with Barry. Amy and Abigail get closer, much to Donald's upset.
Deborah's sister Viv comes to visit, stirring up the family, especially Deborah's suspicions about Maurice. Meanwhile Amy has a secret she wants to tell Maurice.