Floyd on Britain and Ireland

November 2013

9. Orkney

3.0 13 x
Keith visits Stronsay for a Ceilidh knees-up and a lethal brew of Bridges Cog.

8. Norfolk

3.0 12 x
Keith Floyd samples American cooking at the United States Army base, RAF Mildenhall.

7. West Midlands

3.0 14 x
Keith Floyd visits the Black Country and samples the local dishes.
October 2013

6. Somerset

3.0 12 x
Keith Floyd visits his native Somerset, sampling a variety of local produce.

5. West of Ireland

3.0 16 x
Keith visits to a pottery where he makes hollandaise sauce and attempts to throw a pot.

4. Wales

3.0 15 x
Keith Floyd goes beachcombing on the Mumbles Coast.

3. Scotland

3.0 11 x
Keith Floyd is shown how to pickle herrings.

2. Ulster

3.0 14 x
Keith Floyd tries some of Ulster's traditional culinary treats.

1. Northumbria

3.0 12 x
Keith gets inspiration from Hadrian's Wall during his trip to Northumberland.