Flying Across Britain With Arthur Williams

August 2018

Episode 4 Eastern Counties

Expired 3.0 76 x
Arthur's flies over England's east coast, and visits four airfields that played a role in World War Two. He also joins an aerial aerobatics team.

Episode 3 Scotland

Expired 4.0 70 x
Arthur visits Loch Lomond and explores the complex coastline of Argyll and Bute, including Jura, Kintyre, and a beautiful airfield on the Inner Hebrides

Episode 2 South East England

Expired 3.0 98 x
Arthur negotiates London's busy airspace. He flies over Sheppey and the M25 and takes a Spitfire out for a spin over the Kent countryside.

Episode 1 Cotswolds and The West Country

Expired 4.0 117 x
Arthur gets into a spin with a female aerobatic champion, attempts a landing on a 'dummy' aircraft carrier, and meets an ex-city trader developing an 'Iron Man' jet-powered suit