Forbidden History

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Forbidden History

Jamie Theakston ventures beyond the world of orthodox religion as he probes the Church of Satan. Learn more about their philosophy as Jamie goes underground.

Series 6
Did the ancients possess the knowledge and ability to create, and cut seemingly complex crystal skulls or do they have extra-terrestrial origins?
Series 3
The identity of the Man in the Iron Mask, a nameless prisoner held during the rule of Louis XIV, is an enduring mystery. Jamie Theakston unravels the enigma.
Series 6
How the Nazis not only plundered artwork but also searched for religious items.
Series 4
Hear about the Templars in a very different light. Jamie Theakston disputes the orthodox beliefs about the Catholic order that angered much of Europe.
Jamie Theakston exposes a secret unit who murdered Bulgarian dissidents. One victim, Georgi Markov, was famously killed with a ricin-tipped umbrella.
Johann Reichhart was a German state executioner who killed around 3,000 people during WWII. Jamie Theakston uncovers more about this ruthless Nazi.
Series 3
April 30, 1945. Adolf Hitler kills himself as the Allies close on Berlin. Or did he? Jamie Theakston posits the shocking theory that the Fuhrer escaped.
Series 6
Special access to Salem's most mysterious sites reveals the secret history of the mass hysteria and lurid trials that led to the executions of 20 innocent people.
It was believed that part of the Nazi party was involved and influenced in all manner of occult beliefs from their uniforms to their huge rallies.
The Great Pyramid at Giza in Egypt is a wonder of the World. But when was it built, for what purpose and by who?
Series 4
Mary Magdalene is a key figure in Christianity, having witnessed Jesus' death and resurrection. But was she really a prostitute? Jamie Theakston reveals all.
Series 2
Jamie Theakston sheds light on the ultra-secretive Rosicrucian Order, whose members included Leonardo Da Vinci and Isaac Newton. Are they the real-life 'illuminati'?
Jamie Theakston investigates the curious claim that the Nazis started to build flying saucers during WWII. Hear the startling truth behind a historical legend.
Can Jamie Theakston solve history's most enduring mystery? Visiting Glastonbury, Wales, Valencia and NYC, he inspects four goblets that could be the Holy Grail itself.
Series 5
Jamie Theakston looks behind the hidden remnants of this notorious symbol of division to tell the story of East Germany's State Security Service.
Return of the history series. Jamie Theakston travels to Jerusalem to research and attempt to uncover the real story of Jesus Christ.
Series 2
Petra was the capital of the Nabataean kingdom - do riches lie undetected in its hidden tombs? Find out as Jamie Theakston decodes this historical riddle.
Series 1
Jamie Theakston travels to Jerusalem on the hunt for the site of the fabled Solomon's Temple, where treasure is said to remain. Join his optimistic quest.
Did giants once inhabit the Earth? Find out as Jamie Theakston investigates reports of enormous skeletons being found in a network of caves in Sardinia.