French Collection


Series 3 Episode 1 Toulouse and Tunbridge Wells

Expired 2.5 19 x
Toulouse and Tunbridge Wells: Julie transforms old chandeliers into statement necklaces; rival Nick turns a ladder into a herb management system, and Assly learns the art of hydro-dipping

Arles & Clapham

3.0 6 x
Rachel spends a fortune on industrial lighting, Jason converts old grain sacks into stylish bags, and Lily thinks some rustic pitchforks could make a great interiors piece

Paris & Clapham

3.0 2 x
Three Brits head to Paris, with a budget of 800 euros. Gina goes looking for unicorns, Aidan makes his own enormous picture frames and Sophie pushes for every penny.

Carpentras & Winchester

3.0 4 x
Rob creates a super-sized shelving unit out of antique posts and crates, Donna discovers there's money in mirrors, and Julie restores a leather chair

Sommieres and Winchester

3.0 2 x
In Sommieres and Winchester, Lyndsey acts on impulse, John takes a saw to some antique furniture to create modern pieces, and Marie spends a lot on French polishing - but will it pay off?
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