From There to Here


Episode 3

3.0 85 x
In a hospital bed, Daniel opens his eyes to his worst nightmare - the truth about his double life emerges, and he loses both women. But although Daniel's lies are out in the open, his family still have plenty more hidden away - and the revelations threaten to rip apart all that Daniel has left.

Episode 2

3.0 115 x
May 1997. As election fever hits Britain, Daniel's double life is beginning to catch up with him. On one side of Manchester, his wife Claire proudly watches their eldest daughter stand as a Labour candidate - and on the other side, Joanne is in labour with his new daughter. Robbo rebuilds his club.

Episode 1

3.0 55 x
Summer, 1996. The day England take on Scotland in the European Championships. In the heart of Manchester, Daniel Cotton is trying to heal a severe rift between his dad Samuel and brother Robbo. But when a huge bomb explodes in the city centre, their peace negotiations are cut short, and their lives changed forever.
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