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Geordie Hospital

A patient's broken stent threatens his liver. But his consultant has a clever plan. And the 'Cervix Sisters', Jill and Jilly, are out on the wards promoting cervical screening. (S2 Ep6)

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Series 2
A singer needs brain surgery to preserve her hearing. A three-month-old baby undergoes treatment for a cleft lip and palate. And Tom and Lucy team up for complicated eye surgery. (S2 Ep5)
When a woman with a rare condition chooses a C-section delivery, midwife Titi is there to help. And a neurosurgeon inserts wires into a patient's brain hoping to fix their tremors. (S2 Ep4)
It's the hottest day of the year, but housekeeper Pauline has a secret fix for the heat. And endovascular surgeon Craig must 'switch off' a patient's brain for life-saving surgery. (S2 Ep3)
Top heart surgeon Asif performs valve replacement surgery on a teenager. Chaplain Katie trains up a new staff dog. And a rugby player passes a kidney stone. (S2 Ep2)
In Newcastle, NHS hospital staff work around the clock to transform lives - from a replacement ankle for a 25-year-old woman to a midwife delivering a new baby into the world. (S2 Ep1)