Girls in Love

October 2012

Episode of Sunday 7 October 2012

3.0 200 x
It's the end of term and that can only mean one thing: school dance (hoooray). And the school dance in its turn can only mean one thing, you have to have a date!

Episode of Saturday 6 October 2012

3.0 142 x
Nadine suspects that she is living with the wrong family when she discovers that there was a hospital mix-up when she was a baby.
September 2012

Episode of Sunday 30 September 2012

3.0 80 x
Ellie's life becomes incredibly busy after she is chosen to design a mural for the school and is called on to help her friends with their tumultuous lives.

Episode of Saturday 29 September 2012

3.0 59 x
Ellie discovers that Magda has the hots for Darius and plans to make a move on him during the school trip. Can Ellie hide her secret feelings for Darius?

Episode of Monday 24 September 2012

3.0 68 x
Teen drama. The girls conduct an experiment with new boy Darius to see if girls and boys can ever be just friends.

Episode of Sunday 16 September 2012

3.0 62 x
Ellie is allowed to have a mobile phone which enables her to send flirty messages to the man of her dreams. But the path of true love does not run so smoothly.

Episode of Sunday 16 September 2012

3.0 135 x
In a bid to find a new love, Ellie decides to hang out at the school football pitch to attract some boyish attention.