December 2013

7. Sleep in Hebburnly Peace

3.0 27 x
Ben, Susan and her monstrous mother Millie are stranded in Hebburn for Christmas.

6. Gas and Air

3.0 57 x
Sarah has more than her new baby to celebrate when she is offered a dream job overseas.

5. Still Swayze's After All These Years

3.0 49 x
Jack's secret is out, as extracts of his pregnancy diary are published in a newspaper.

4. Stairway to Hebburn

3.0 17 x
Pauline's new cupcake business is thriving and Joe's recovery takes a romantic turn.
November 2013

3. Knocking About

3.0 18 x
With Pauline away on a training weekend, Joe and Dot take advantage of being home alone.

2. Easy Tiger

3.0 25 x
Pauline is being bullied at work, but things are looking up for Jack and Sarah.

1. Welcome Home

3.0 29 x
With a baby on the way, Sarah and Jack are desperate to move out of his parents' home.
January 2013

6. A Very Big Day

3.0 107 x
Jack and Sarah get ready for their wedding day. Of course, they are already married.

5. She Doesn't Just Give It Away

3.0 49 x
Joe is banned from his favourite foods and drinks just as Jack's stag night rolls around.

4. Feeling Dynamic

3.0 41 x
Dot buys Vicky a new car and nearly drives her off a mental cliff.