History's Greatest Hoaxes

February 2018

War of the Worlds

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Hear how Orson Welles' infamous radio adaptation of the HG Wells classic convinced millions of Americans that Earth really was being invaded by aliens from Mars.

Hitler's Diaries

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The apparent discovery of Hitler's diaries in 1983 caused a sensation - but they were in fact the work of forger Konrad Kujau. This sophisticated hoax is revisited.

The Loch Ness Monster

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Ancient plesiosaur, natural phenomena or hoax? Find out as the grainy image taken in 1934 of what appears to be a huge creature in Loch Ness is scrutinised.

Alien Autopsy

3.0 1 x
Ray Santilli's fake footage of a Roswell-era alien autopsy convinced many people in the 1990s that it was real. Hear how this hoax took hold and was ultimately exposed.