Holiday Showdown

April 2013

Episode 7: Cravitz vs Thomas

4.5 223 x
Holiday-swap reality series. The Cravitz family offer a week on the Costa del Sol, while Thomases prefer a riding holiday in the Sierra Nevada mountains.
March 2013

Episode 3: Rushbys vs Holts

4.3 287 x
Reality holiday-sharing series. Today's families spend a week on a luxury cruise liner, then transfer to a converted double-decker bus, ending up at a music festival in Cornwall.

Episode 4: Lawsons vs Harrison Wolffs

4.0 129 x
Week one is spent at the Lawsons' choice of Las Vegas, while week two sees them hiking in Yosemite National Park, the choice of the Harrison-Wolffs.

Episode 6: Gages vs Morans

3.0 78 x
Reality holiday-sharing series. The Morans take the Gages to a Devon holiday camp, then the Gages take the Morans on an activity holiday in the Lake District.

Episode 5: Littlechilds vs Curtis

3.0 87 x
The Littlechilds take charge with their choice in Cancun, and then the Curtis family takes over as the group travels to Ghana to perform charity work.
February 2013

Episode 2: Glasses vs Theodores

3.0 47 x
Holiday swap reality series. The Glass family take control on a Cornwall camping trip and the Theodore family opt for a luxurious five-star break in Borneo.

Episode 1: Dochertys vs Plummers

3.0 122 x
Holiday swap reality series. The Docherty and Plummer families spend a week on a package holiday in Menorca followed by a week in a luxury villa in Jamaica. How will they get on?
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