Holidays Unpacked

May 2018

Episode 2 Morocco and Mexico

4.0 2 x
In Morocco, Lucy visits vibrant souks and the beautiful Atlas mountains, and discovers fantastic food and bargains galore. Morland samples Mexico's stunning beaches, temples and wildlife reserves.

Episode 4 Cambodia and Iceland

3.0 9 x
Lucy has an extraordinary adventure on an everyday budget in Cambodia, visiting tropical paradise islands and tranquil Buddhist temples. Morland experiences Iceland's natural wonders.

Episode 1 Israel and Costa Rica

3.0 0 x
Lucy visits Israel's desert and floats in the Dead Sea. In Costa Rica, Morland explores pristine Pacific beaches and zip-lines through the cloud forest.

Episode 3 Cape Verde and the Azores

3.0 19 x
In Cape Verde, Lucy tries windsurfing and dances the night away. Morland swims with wild dolphins, relaxes in hot springs and leaps from waterfalls in the Azores.