Holly Hobbie

June 2020

Series 2: 10. The Selfless Starlet

4.0 13 x
While choosing an outfit from a clothing brand sponsor for the Gwen Taylor show, Holly finds a troubling note and seeks justice.

Series 2: 9. The Hesitant Heroine

4.0 10 x
While giving a tour of Collinsville, Holly catches the director bullying Savannah and decides that it’s time to speak up.

Series 2: 8. The Dauntless Daughter

4.0 10 x
After Holly and Amy experience unfair double standards, they gather Piper and the girls in their class for a protest to make their voices heard.

Series 2: 7. The Perplexed Pioneer

3.0 10 x
When Piper’s mum shares the news that they will be moving to New Mexico, Piper searches for belonging while on a school trip to Pioneer Village.

Series 2: 6. The Night-Crawling Newbie

3.0 13 x
Holly convinces Amy and Piper to attend a music showcase hosted by Oscar at a Sheffield dance club.
May 2020

Series 2: 5. The Puzzled Peacemaker

4.0 9 x
Holly is excited to perform her new song at the Calico, but discovers that Lyla and her cheerleaders are organizing a boycott against Open Mic.

Series 2: 4. The Cranky Camper

3.0 7 x
Obsessed with the musical’s social media, Holly plans on scrolling all weekend. However, Mom forces the family to leave the house for a camping trip.

Series 2: 3. The Salty Songstress

4.0 14 x
Fighting against a rumour mill, Holly writes a song to set her story straight. However, the song gets a negative response from an online troll.

Series 2: 2. The Thwarted Thespian

4.0 25 x
Holly struggles to perform during rehearsals and skips studying for a huge maths test to keep her lead role.
April 2020

Series 2: 1. A Whole New Holly

4.0 18 x
Following a mortifying audition for the town musical, Holly sets out to perform at callbacks and prove that she is meant for the lead part.