Homefront catch up

November 2012

Episode of Friday 2 November 2012

3.0 170 x
Claire's time in Leysham has opened her eyes and at her hen party she gets a terrifying insight into what her future holds as an officer's wife. Sam too is struggling to fit in.
October 2012

Episode of Friday 26 October 2012

3.0 221 x
The flags are out and the boys are back in town. But it is a bittersweet day for the Raveleys who are welcoming home just the one son, Tom. And there is no warm reception for Joe.

Episode of Friday 19 October 2012

3.0 104 x
Drama about the families of British soldiers serving in Afghanistan. The date of Matt's inquest arrives and Paula wants answers. Tom returns from duty to give evidence.

Episode of Thursday 11 October 2012

3.0 99 x
Claire is doing well in her new job but Millie is causing problems at home. Cheryl encourages Tasha to make a new start, while Louise makes a momentous decision about her marriage.

Episode of Thursday 4 October 2012

3.0 176 x
When medic Joe returns home, he has some explaining to do - but can he convince Louise that theirs is a marriage worth fighting for? Tasha welcomes her own mother with open arms.
September 2012

Episode of Friday 28 September 2012

3.0 178 x
Series about the lives of the wives and a mother of soldiers serving in Afghanistan. Tasha Raveley's world is torn apart when she gets the news that every soldier's wife dreads