Hometown: A Killing

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Hometown: A Killing
27 x

Series 1: 7. Turf War

After publishing a story about drugs and violence in his hometown, journalist Mobeen Azhar returns to Huddersfield to face his critics.

March 2020

Series 1: 8. Informers

22 x
Another tragic killing leads Mobeen to examine the tactics police are using to deal with the new threat of extreme violence that is spilling out onto the streets.
July 2019

Series 1: 5. Double Lives

12 x
Journalist Mobeen Azhar tries to find answers. Is the heroin trade in West Yorkshire the best-kept secret, or is his community simply turning a blind eye to what’s happening?

Series 1: 6. Consequences

54 x
As publication of Mobeen’s article gets closer, a life sentence for a local gangster sheds new light on the night Yassar died and makes action against the drug trade more urgent.
June 2019

Series 1: 3. The Verdict

24 x
As the trial linked to Yassar Yaqub’s death closes, revelations emerge about who he really was, and Mobeen learns the truth about who runs the drugs trade in his hometown.

Series 1: 4. The Kingpin

23 x
Mobeen joins the dots between street violence in Huddersfield and the international heroin trade linking West Yorkshire and Pakistan.

Series 1: 1. A Killing

102 x
Journalist Mobeen Azhar returns to Huddersfield to write about the death of Yassar Yaqub, but a wall of silence and violence in the streets suggest there is a bigger story in town

Series 1: 2. Rumours

38 x
Mobeen Azhar investigates rumours about Yassar Yaqub, and a trial linked to Yaqub begins. With street violence escalating, Mobeen explores drug-related crime in the area.