Hotel Trubble

December 2013

12. Smash in the Attic

4.0 157 x
The staff sense an opportunity when a TV antiques expert visits the hotel.

11. Bridezilla

3.0 62 x
The staff attempt to put on a spectacular wedding to win a large cash prize.

10. Trubble Billionaire

3.0 45 x
The hotel will be closed down, unless Mrs P is able to charm an eccentric guest.

9. Lenny the Hero

3.0 56 x
News anchorman Ed Flaxman arrives at the hotel and turns Lenny into a tabloid sensation.

8. Strictly Come Prancing

3.0 57 x
Prime-time show Strictly Come Prancing comes to Hotel Trubble, and Lenny has a secret.
September 2013

4. Love Conkers All

3.0 39 x
Jamie struggles to cope when Hotel Trubble holds the World Conker Championship.
August 2013

3. Football Fever

3.0 43 x
England's star football player checks in and refuses to play in England's crucial game.

2. An Inspector Calls

3.0 37 x
A hotel inspector is on her way. If things do not improve, the staff are up for the chop.

1. Hello Dolly

3.0 83 x
The Hotel Trubble heating has packed up. Meanwhile, a mysterious guest arrives.

13. Dribble Versus Trubble

3.0 60 x
The evil staff of Hotel Dribble run a campaign to put Hotel Trubble out of business.