How'd You Get So Rich?

June 2018

Episode 6 Caravan Parks, Motivation Speaker and Gold Plating

3.0 61 x
Katherine Ryan meets a man who got rich from caravan parks, the millionaire motivational speaker who made money helping others, and a man who can gold plate anything to order
May 2018

Episode 5 Poker, Property and Flash Interiors

3.3 50 x
Katherine Ryan meets a millionaire poker player and goes househunting with ex-Big Brother contestant Aisleyne Horgan-Wallace, who's remade herself as a property mogul

Episode 4 Sex Toys to Bee Stings

4.0 59 x
This time, two men who made millions from sex toys, a woman who creates luxury creams from bee venom, and a man who designs some of the most exclusive cars on the planet

Episode 3 From Mobster to Preacher

3.0 24 x
Katherine meets a mobster turned preacher, a gay-bar tycoon, and the app entrepreneurs who travel the world for free

Episode 2 From Plumbers to Yacht Parties

3.0 40 x
Katherine meets the richest plumber in Britain; the Monaco-based twins who host exclusive yacht parties; and the 10-year-old girl who'd made her first million by the age of six
April 2018

Episode 1 From Playboys to Poundland

4.0 83 x
Katherine meets the husband and wife who founded the £50 million chain Poundland. How did they do that? She also meets Britain's flashiest playboy and the richest cosmetic surgeon in the world.