How to...

December 2015

Impress your Friends

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Rrelease your inner ninja, jump out a plane naked, or throw a party without upsetting your neighbours... here are 10 exciting ways to impress your friends

Be a 21st-Century Woman

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It's the turn of the ladies to take 10 lip-plumping, bump-loving steps to being a modern woman, from tripping with a shaman to stripping eyebrows

Be a Grown Up

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Eccentric experts and crazy online clips on how to be a grown up, from changing a light bulb to crashing a wedding to the joy of sex with 'Kim' the renaissance milf

Get Stinking Rich

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Down to your last buck? Want to hang with Jay Z, but haven't got the green? This episode offers 10 wild money-making steps straight off the internet to make you super wealthy.

Survive the End of the World

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Discover how to slurp your own wee and fry woodlice while fending off a massive bear attack. There's also bushcraft with gorgeous Cara to help you get through the end of existence.
October 2015

How to.. Show off Your Talent

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Can-smashing boob experts, a cage fighter, a record breaking fast-talking model, and a leather-clad Russian vegan give tips on how to train your talent to become an internet star

Get Fit

Expired 3.0 22 x
Ten hardcore steps to fitness, including Jazzercise, Prancercise, a guide to performing an enema and weight training poodles on steroids

Beat Hunger

Expired 3.0 21 x
If you're feeling peckish, then the internet brings you hunters attacked by wild boar, super-fast eaters munching live octopus, and the secrets of good pooing
September 2015

Pull the Date of Your Dreams

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Ten sexy steps on how to show your best moves, do it like a porn star, and gain that special date