How To Get Rich Quick

August 2018

Episode 4 Arts & Craft & Blue Chip Shares

4.0 2 x
Two sisters hope to double their money with arts and crafts. And Dave invests in some blue chip share options at the London Stock Exchange.

Episode 3 Marika & Bitcoin

3.0 9 x
Health professional Marika and family want to grow their money by buying and selling antiques. And Dave looks at Bitcoin, as he invests some of his own cash in cryptocurrencies.
July 2018

Episode 2 Keirran & Future Tech

4.0 7 x
Car salesman Keirran wants to make money importing water bottles from China. And Dave explores future technologies as an investment opportunity.

Episode 1 Tahira and Gold

4.0 9 x
Tahira wants to double her £1000 savings by running food stalls. Dave introduces Warrington pensioner Granny Mags to gold, the oldest investment vehicle of them all.
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