How TV Ruined Your Life

April 2013

6. Knowledge

3.0 12 x
Charlie Brooker looks at how TV's notion of knowledge has sunk to celebrity drivel.(R)

5. Progress

3.0 39 x
Charlie Brooker argues that television has warped our relationship with technology.(R)

4. Love

3.0 34 x
Charlie Brooker shows how TV has warped our expectations of romance.(R)
March 2013

3. Aspiration

3.0 43 x
Charlie Brooker shows how TV continually rubs desirable lifestyles in your face.(R)

2. The Lifecycle

3.0 11 x
Charlie Brooker explores how TV can infuriate anyone of any age.(R)

1. Fear

3.0 17 x
From public information films to crime dramas, Charlie explores TV's approach to fear.(R)