Human Planet


Cities - Surviving the Urban Jungle

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The landmark nature series looks at the one environment made by humans for humans - the city, where over half of the world's population lives.

Rivers - Friend and Foe

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Acclaimed series that explores mankind's relationship with nature. Rivers provide food and water. For many, they are both a risk to life and a lifeline.

Grasslands - Roots of Power

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Meet the remarkable people who live in the world's grasslands in the jaw-dropping series that explores the extremes of our planet. John Hurt narrates.

Mountains - Life in Thin Air

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In Mongolia's Altai Mountains, hunters have forged a partnership with golden eagles. Witness their alliance in the BAFTA-winning nature series.

Jungles - People of the Trees

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Landmark series exploring man's relationship with nature. Hear how life in the rainforest requires great skill, ingenuity and sheer bravery.
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