Human Universe


5. What is our Future?

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5. What is our Future? of the TV-show Human Universe was broadcasted by BBC2 on Wednesday 3 December 2014 at 9:00.

4. A Place in Space and Time

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Professor Brian Cox explores our origins, place and destiny in the universe. We all start our lives thinking that we are at the centre of the universe, surrounded by our family and the world as it spins around us. But the urge to explore is strong. ...

3. Are We Alone?

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Brian Cox explores the ingredients needed for an intelligent civilisation to evolve in the universe - the need for a benign star, for a habitable planet, for life to spontaneously arise on such a planet and the time required for intelligent life to ...

2. Why Are We Here?

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Brian Cox reveals how the wonderful complexity of nature and human life is simply the consequence of chance events constrained by the laws of physics that govern our universe. But this leads him to a deeper question - why does our universe seem to h...

1. Apeman - Spaceman

Expired 3.0 26 x
Beginning in Ethiopia, Professor Brian Cox discovers how the universe played a key role in our ascent from apeman to spaceman by driving the expansion of our brains. But big brains alone did not get us to space. To reveal what did, Brian heads out o...
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