Impossible Engineering


Aircraft Carrier

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How on earth was the Navy's mammoth HMS Queen Elizabeth aircraft carrier built? Discover the cutting-edge engineering techniques behind this mobile megastructure.
Episodes 2017

Oasis Class Cruise Ships

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The Oasis-class cruise ships are the largest passenger ships in the world, capable of carrying well over 5,000 travellers. Hear all about their construction.

Virginia Class Submarine

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The Virginia-class submarine is the most advanced nuclear-powered fast attack submarine ever built for the US Navy. Hear how this 7,800-tonne beast was made.

The Shard

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The Shard became the tallest building in London upon its completion in 2012. Standing over 1,000ft high, hear how this 95-storey skyscraper was conceived and constructed.

AT&T Stadium

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Home of the Dallas Cowboys, the impressive AT&T Stadium in Texas has a retractable roof and can hold over 100,000 people. Find out how this $1.3bn arena was constructed.

Millau Viaduct

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The Millau Viaduct is the world's tallest bridge and spans the valley of the River Tarn in southern France. Find out more about this marvel of modern engineering.

Three Gorges Dam

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Hear how engineers reshaped a river to accomplish the amazing endeavour that is China's Three Gorges Dam - the world's largest and heaviest concrete structure.

Orion Space Craft

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NASA's cutting-edge Orion spacecraft is the next big thing in space travel. Hear how developers hope the module will aid human exploration of Mars and of asteroids.

Gotthard Tunnel

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Opened in 2016, the $10.3bn Gotthard Base Tunnel in Switzerland became the world's longest tunnel. Discover how it was built and its effect on European transit.


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Learn more about breathtaking feats of construction in this illuminating series. Climb aboard the four-engine Airbus A380, the largest passenger plane in the world.