Indian Summer School

April 2018

Episode 3 Exams and Newspapers

Expired 3.0 113 x
Three months at Doon and the boys miss home. It's exam time - will they get the grades? And Ethan ruffles feathers with a newspaper piece on being the first 'out' gay Doon boy.

Episode 2 A Fight and a Punishment

Expired 4.0 120 x
The five boys are six weeks into their studies at India's Doon School and progress is patchy. While Harry gets into a fight, Jake locks horns with the headmaster, with drastic results.
March 2018

Episode 1 Arrival

Expired 4.7 122 x
As the boys arrive at the Eton of India, Jack and Alfie adapt best, while Harry slips into old habits. Having not been in school for two years, Jake and Ethan find it hard to adjust to the new regime.
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