November 2018


4.0 6 x
The CTSU team report to headquarters on Raza's intelligence regarding Igli Gramos as their possible Big Shot. They mount a surveillance operation, with Raza at its heart, to follow the Gramos' money trail. Gabe visits a contact from his undercover days, causing concern among his bosses at CTSU. Meanwhile his wife, Emily, h...
October 2018


3.0 9 x
The toll of Raza's double life begins to weigh heavily on him. CTSU continue to follow all leads - an unexpected tip from Raza leads them to follow an Albanian crime family, the Gramos. Meanwhile, Gabe runs into a ghost from his past and his behaviour piques Holly's interest. Noticing a change in his older brother, Nasir f...


3.0 14 x
Gabe needs Raza to get closer to Dadir, the brother of Yousef, his missing informant. A nervous Raza struggles with his new role as he befriends and spends time with the unpredictable Dadir and his Bridge Town Crew. Gabe and Holly discover Yousef has been murdered - could Big Shot, the London contact linked to El Adoua, be...


4.0 12 x
A night out with his girlfriend goes badly wrong when Raza Shar is arrested and identified as a potential informant for London's Counter Terrorism Special Unit (CTSU). Detective Sergeant Gabe Waters is partnered with new recruit DC Holly Morten and introduces her to the world of informants. Ambitious and uninhibited, Holly...
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