Inside Nature's Giants


The Sperm Whale

3.0 65 x
The BAFTA-winning team battle through the night against a rising tide to explore the mysteries of the largest predator on Earth:…
Episodes 2013

The Polar Bear

3.0 59 x
The team join Inuit hunters and scientists studying polar bears off the coast of Greenland. Polar bears have become a symbol of…

Jungle Special

3.0 60 x
The team take on their hardest challenge so far, to dissect an entire ecosystem - the jungle. Deep in the rainforest of Borneo…

The Kangaroo

3.0 32 x
The Australian Outback is home to millions of kangaroos but, sadly, every year thousands are fatally injured in traffic…

Rogue Baboon

3.0 36 x
Mark Evans and Joy Reidenberg travel to South Africa to dissect the first primate on Inside Nature's Giants: a huge alpha male…

The Hippo

3.0 27 x
So many hippos congregate to feed in Zambia's Luangwa Valley that they threaten the survival of other species in the park, so the…

The Racehorse

3.0 25 x
The thoroughbred racehorse is one of the greatest athletes on the planet, galloping with incredible speed and stamina for such a…

The Leatherback Turtle

3.0 38 x
The team travel to Florida to dissect the ocean's largest reptile - the leatherback turtle. They uncover the evolutionary mystery…

The Dinosaur Bird

3.0 28 x
The Bafta-winning series returns to Australia on the trail of a bird that's been described as a living dinosaur. The cassowary…

The Camel

3.0 37 x
The team head deep into the Australian outback to explore the ultimate desert survivor.