Inside Out Homes

July 2019

Episode 4 Newcastle

Expired 3.0 12 x
Zac Monro takes on a 1930s bungalow, making the garden part of the home by knocking down a wall and building a fire pit table and a log-fuelled hot tub

Episode 3 South London and Newcastle

Expired 3.0 10 x
Zac tackles a 70s ex-council house in south London with a radical solution to knock it down and start again with an open plan design. He also updates a 40s home in Newcastle.

Episode 2 Stockport and Devon

Expired 3.0 20 x
Zac devises a radical redesign of a 1950s bungalow in Stockport, and designs a mirror image extension for an outdated family home in Devon

Episode 1 Manchester

Expired 3.0 9 x
Zac Monro transforms a Manchester garden into the heart of a family home, including a revolving trellis featuring a TV. He also creates a glass atrium for a rural barn.
March 2019

Episode 7 Surrey 2018

Expired 4.0 10 x
Zac tears down a mock mansion in Surrey, replacing it with a high-performance prefab. Monty helps build its cantilevered staircase, while Rosie installs a silver birch and ferns.

Episode 6 Flat & Tudor Semi

Expired 3.0 3 x
Zac creates an inside out home in a flat with no outside space and gives a mock Tudor suburban semi a radical overhaul placing the kitchen in a courtyard

Episode 5 London & Harrogate

Expired 3.0 50 x
Zac is in west London, hoping to prove that concrete is the perfect material for inside-out living. And Californians Abbey and Zahed seek a West Coast vibe in Harrogate with a double-height feature.
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