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Inside Out London

November 2019


3.0 14 x
The illegal trade in fraudulently-obtained minicab licenses, a new hotel in Southend-on-Sea for 'staycationers' and a double-decker bus completesits journey around the world.
October 2019


3.0 3 x
Landlords at war with tenants over illegal subletting, why London's biggest car park provider is failing disabled drivers and the team behindBritain's best-known soundtracks.


3.0 4 x
Gareth Furby looks at the impact of a fortnight of Extinction Rebellion protests


4.0 3 x
Why the HS2 project has stopped, share-ownership problems and how to make millions from playing computer games.


4.0 5 x
How digital fingerprinting is being used to fight crime, a new generation of keepers is bringing back the British bee and the perks and pitfalls ofcashing in your pension early.
September 2019


3.0 6 x
With so many firefighters suffering from cancer, Tracy Gee investigates whether enough is being done to protect them from harmful toxins.


3.0 5 x
As the death toll from fatal stabbings continues to rise, an Inside Out special focuses on knife crime. Stephanie Thomas reveals the trauma faced by kids witnessing knife violence.


3.0 4 x
Tom Edwards investigates the chaos being caused by Crossrail delays. Jo Good finds out if it’s possible to become a YouTube star in middle age.


4.0 6 x
Dr Oscar Duke meets the first NHS patient to have his eye sight restored after being blinded by a vicious acid attack 25 years agJasmine Birtles finds out how to bag a cheap home in central London.


3.0 2 x
Nick Baker reveals what impact climate change is having on our wildlife.
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